Seniors, Slytherins and the Start of Second Semester

Hello Friends!

It’s your favorite senior bloggers checking in for a quick CU Lax update.  As the countdown to Feb 1 dwindles, so does the temperature, but the “feels like -14” degree weather does not make us any less heated for the start of our season! The Powell twins have filled you in a bit on what we have been up to over the break and since getting back to campus.  Yesterday marked the start of classes and the return to a more hectic schedule, but we will not soon forget the hard work we all put in over the break and in the past couple of weeks.  Our team did a great job staying connected over break. We touched base with each other about keeping up with the workout packet so that we would all be in killer shape for the long-awaited conditioning test (T-Minus 5 hours!!!). 

While we kept in touch, many of us could not go all break without some face time with our beloved teammates. Rachel and I took our “all work and some play” attitude to St. Augustine, FL, where we had some fun in between workouts.   While the weather did not allow us to work on our tans as we had hoped, we still had a great time. We are not embarrassed to admit that we are huge Harry Potter fans, and so we ventured over to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. Rachel was especially excited to reconnect with her fellow Slytherins.  Below is a picture of us with a friend we made in front of the Hogwarts Express, after enjoying a refreshing cup of Butterbeer. At the end of the day, we traded in our broomsticks for lax sticks and stuck with what we knew best. 


Your favorite Muggle Bloggers,

Rachel and Jessie


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